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Old Graves, New Graves: An Iceland Zine

$12.00 / Sold Out

risograph-printed mini-zine
5"x7", 12 pages, 2 colors on 100# paper
hand saddle stitched
limited signed & numbered edition of 100.

Created for Light Grey Art Lab’s Iceland Residency Exhibition, printed by Colpa Press.

Last summer I traveled to Iceland with a group of amazing artists, and we explored the eerie, gloomy shores, plains, and glaciers together. This mini-zine is a kind of reflection on my experience in Iceland via drawings and writings, with a focus on the dead things we found there, the conspicuous lack of living things, the awareness that we were walking on relatively newly-formed topography shaped by unthinkably destructive volcanic eruptions, and the perpetually haunting feeling that the island imparts.

Note that this is about half writing and half images, and that part of the charm of risograph printing is its imperfections, like colors printed out of register, roller marks, etc.